It’s simple.  There are 3 reasons:

  1. Save 20-30% on the cost of getting your junk removed.
  2. You get a free pint of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream when we do your job.
  3. We sell the good stuff and give you money back!

Okay, here are some more reasons:

  1. We do all the work.  You just have to point to what you want taken.
  2. Our goal is to give you the best overall value of all the junk removal companies.
  3. You might make more money than what you paid us to remove your stuff.  (We did one job where we were paid $375 to haul away some couches, floor lamps, and the speakers from their home theater system.  We sold the speakers on eBay for $7,000!  We gave the lady $3,500 back!

Want some more reasons?  Okay.

  1. You get to pick your own flavor of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.
  2. Our trucks are 20% larger than many of our competitors but our prices are 20% lower.  That’s a big savings.
  3. We are insured, bonded, and very careful when we are inside your home.

Want any more reasons?  Call me at 240-246-5405.  Thanks!