In December of 2016 LivingSocial was acquired by Groupon.  Consequently, LivingSocial will no longer be promoting our vouchers.  To make them available to our customers, THEY CAN BE PURCHASED HERE.  The LivingSocial rules continue to apply:

Rules of the Vouchers

  1. One per household; one extra as a gift.
  2. $98 per voucher.
  3. 1/4 Truckload is the same as a pickup truck full of stuff.  Sometimes we send the big trucks; sometimes we send pickup trucks; depending on the distance and other relevant circumstances.  Here is what 1/4 of a truckload looks like if we use a pickup truck (it fills the whole truck):

    A full pick-up truck is the same as 1/4 of our large trucks. (120 cubic feet)

  4. No heavy items (brick, concrete, cement, etc.)  We will charge extra to haul away those items.
  5. For Fairfax County, we will charge an additional fee to remove electronics (TV’s, stereos, computers, etc.) since the Fairfax County dump will not allow commercial companies to dispose of electronics there.  Individuals can; commercial companies cannot.
  6. In Loudon County, anything with freon in it (refrigerators, etc.) will have an extra charge since they charge us extra to dispose of those items.
  7. Regarding Frederick County, mattresses are an extra $25 apiece as they charge us that much to dispose of each of those.
  8. In Prince George’s County electronics are only permitted to be disposed of on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.
  9. Vouchers are good for 30 mile radius from 20852 (North Bethesda).
  10. To schedule, call 240-246-5405.
  11. Vouchers may not be combined.
  12. If outside 30-mile radius then additional fees would apply.

How To Purchase the Voucher

  1. To purchase, use paypal and send funds to email address:  ajosephcook@gmail.com. 
  2. Please mark “friends and family” as that will make the funds available to us immediately rather than having to wait for three weeks or so.
  3. Once payment is made we will contact you to confirm receipt of payment.  You can schedule at that time if you would like.

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