Check Out the Speakers!

We once were asked to haul away some items from a $5 million home in Great Falls, Virginia.  The people were downsizing to what I would guess is a $3 million home.  They had us take away some couches, a few lamps, and then asked us to haul away the speakers from their home theater  system too.  As we were putting the speakers into the truck, one of our guys said, “These are top-of-the-line speakers!  We charged the lady $375 to haul away 3/4 of a truckload of stuff.  Other companies would have charged her more than $500.

We then sold the speakers on eBay for $7,000!  I went back to her house and gave her $3,500 back.  She was shocked!

That’s the way we like to do things: you get your home cleaned out, do none of the work, and get paid for it!