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A local apartment complex says thanks!

Check Out the Dolls in the Attic
1-800-Junk-Refund Success Story

Bob Hakes was referred to us by his real estate agent, Betty Ubbens, of Long & Foster in Arlington, Virginia. Bob’s wife had died a couple of years earlier and Bob needed to downsize. He had us haul away a number of items, including some antiques, some furniture, a couple of Hummels, and an antique pump organ.

On the way out of the house, Bob said his wife had collected a number of dolls from around the world over the past 40 years. He said they were upstairs in the attic in a couple of boxes. He suggested we take them and see what we could do on eBay.

This music box doll was made in France in the late 1800s. It sold for $442.

There were a couple of boxes upstairs with dolls in them. A number of the dolls looked old, but one in particular caught our attention.

It looked old, but it was the legs, or the absence of them, that caught my attention. Instead of a couple of legs, there was an ivory-type shaft coming down from the doll’s torso. At the end of the shaft there was a notch cut into it. I thought, “Flute doll!” I tried blowing into the notch, but there was no sound.

I noticed as I held the doll that the head was wobbling a little bit. I thought I may have broken it. So I grabbed the head and twisted it gently to see if it was broken. It rotated freely. I thought that was weird. I was now quite sure I had unintentionally broken the doll.

As I held it by the shaft, I accidentally wiggled it a little bit and I noticed the entire doll rotated around the ivory shaft freely. Now I was sure I had broken it. So I started to shake it slightly to see if it rotated any more. It did. It rotated freely 360 degrees.

What happened next was magical. A music box started to play. This was a music box doll, made in France in the late 1800’s. We sold it on eBay for $442. We sold a number of other items from his home too, totaling over $2,000!

Bob had paid us $550 to haul away his stuff. We paid him $955 after we sold his junk! Bob received a 174% return on his money, and got his house cleaned out. That’s how you get your junk hauled away these days—you get paid for it.