Deal of the Day!

Do you have some junk but are having trouble getting yourself to pay to get rid of it?  Sign up for our DEAL OF THE DAY!

Here are the details:

  1. Receive 25% off the regular price of hauling away your stuff.
  2. Customers are contacted in the order in which they are received.
  3. Whenever our trucks have a gap in their appointments or some extra time at the end of the day, we will check here and contact the first person on the list.  If we can get a hold of you we will come right over and grab your stuff.  You will save (see detail #1 above) and we will stay busy 🙂
  4. Just fill out the form below and wait to hear from us!
  5. Note that 20% is the maximum we normally give to our customers.  You will save an extra 5% since your job will be a “fill-in” job that will be done on short notice.

Thank you!

Deal of the Day

The form to fill out to be included in our Deal of the Day customers. Form can only be used once per customer.
Please enter your full name here.
Please enter the address where we should come to get your stuff.
Enter your city, state and zip code
Please enter the best phone number to reach you on short notice.
Please enter a description of what you want hauled away!